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Mystic Vybz Band consists of 5 Members and we specialize in several genres of entertaining music. We intend to attract the Local and International Market. With our diverse style of Music, we look to fully encourage and uplift the musical capacity in Anguilla and give our Tourists and Visitors to the island something special to look forward to when they visit or beautiful island.

We have performed for several Events throughout Anguilla and SXM and have created memorable experiences for our Audiences. The majority of our Customers from Overseas are repeat Guests.

Mystic Vybz Band | Team

Charisma Jones Chin

Meet our Female Lead Vocalist and the Queen of the Pack "Charisma"

Chin began singing on the ‘big stage’ at the age of seven (7) and at the age of sixteen (16) her singing career began burgeoning and her voice has been since heard in Barbados, Guyana, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago and Anguilla.

She completed the first (1st ) year at CAPE where she was successful in Caribbean Studies. Communication and Performing Arts; placing herself on the top ten Caribbean Merit List in Performing Arts.

She was the 2018 Miss Scotia Bank Talented Teen in Anguilla. She has also been awarded the Department of Youth & Culture, Anguilla (DYC’s) most outstanding Youth Award in the Performing Arts- 2019 in Anguilla.

Charisma has been the (MVP) recipient of the Grammy Music Award and its Music Revolutionary Project (MRP) held in Anguilla in 2017 copping the prize for most Outstanding Student in Song Writing, Production Management, Vocals, Arrangement and Discipline.

She is also a professional Vocalist, Dancer and Actress with STAGES ANGUILLA Theatre Arts Group and has graced the stages as a Performer in Trinidad and Barbados at CARIFESTA 13 and 14. Charisma also practices as a Vocalist, Poet, Visual Artist , Song Writer and Actress who has performed in twenty-five (25) theatrical productions since the age of five (5); those include The Wizard of Oz, The Lion King, Virtue, The Link Show, Ti Jean and His Brothers, The Vagna Monologues, CARIFESTA and many more.

In 2020, she debuted her single titled, “Tempting Me” which can also be viewed on Instagram and YouTube. For this she performed the roles of Song Writer, Vocalist, Director, Co-Editor and Producer.

Charisma has been a Member and Vocalist for Mystic Vybz Band for the past 4 years… She is a Leo Born and believes that like the lion, she was born to lead.

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Meet our Drummer and Rhythm Master "Pipe"

His love for drums and music in general started off at a very young age. Basically you can say that he was physically born in it as he grew up in a home and community where music was always playing. In those days a real drumset was difficult to come by so he started out playing on buckets and cardboard boxes. Pipe also enjoyed great moments with a few of his Family Members, particularly his cousin Joy Carty who acted as a Singer while he played a rhythm on an old steel pan which he found at the back of the Carnival Village. This was their routine after School every afternoon.

The first actual band with real instruments that he played with, was a band called Wildouts led by Porky Man who is well known local calypsonian in Anguilla. This encouraged him to invest in his own personal electrical drumset. From there, he branched off and played with several top Musicians and Entertainers such as, Dumpa Martin, Hot Shot, Gossip, Boss, Exodus Band, Darvin Mussington, De Movements Band, Axa Band, Omari Banks, Better Band and Mystic Vybz Band who he is presently a Member of.. During this time, some of his highlights was the opportunity to travel to different islands such as Grenada, England and SXM, where he represented Anguilla musically.

Pipe is the original Drummer for Mystic Vybz Band and has been there from its inception in 2016.

Mystic Vybz Band | Team

Allan Carty

Mystic Vybz Band | Team

Tyree Peters

Meet our male lead singer

From a tender age, Tyree always enjoyed music.

Tr. Roxanna of VPS is one to thank for discovering him, she quickly recognised his brewing talent and encouraged him to join the VPS school choir, in which he did.
You can say that was the start of it all.

As the years went on, he continued to engage himself in all things music:

In grade 5 he officially started music lessons at Tranquility school of music with the late Tr. Ashena Desouza.

In first form he joined the ALHCS School Choir under the direction of Ms. Daphne Jacobs-Richardson which followed the direction of Ms. Kimba Southwell after her retirement. And throughout his high-school education he became an active member of the ALHCS Concert Band and ALHCS Steel Orchestra.

However, it was in 5th form after placing 3rd in the region for the CSEC MUSIC examination where his passion for music was truly solidified.

After completing 6th form he received the opportunity to join Mystic Vybz, a band of talented musicians who has not only helped shape him into the performer he is today but also, individuals that he can truly call family.

He lives by the words of Nelson Mandela, ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’ which brings great comfort to the ambiguity of the performing arts industry in Anguilla.

Meet the Manager himself, Mystic Vybz Band Founder & Bass guitarst

Troy started his career in music at the early age of 16, where he began taking Piano Lessons due to his great love for the Piano and even reached as far as Level 5 in Music practical ABRSM. Growing up, he always enjoyed listening to various genres of music and had a particular love for Reggae Music, which encouraged him to join a Reggae Band here in Anguilla at the age of 20 as the band’s Keyboardist.

Upon completing University in 1997, Troy joined other Bands here in Anguilla, where he also played the Keyboard…However, during that time, he developed a great interest in the Bass Guitar and started practicing and learning different things on the instrument. eventually, his focus shifted immensely from the Keyboard to Bass. Since that time, he has played the Bass Guitar for locally and internationally renowned musicians such as The Mussington Brothers, Omari Banks, and many more. In 2016, he formed Mystic Vybz Band, where he now plays the Bass Guitar.

It’s hard to acknowledge Troy’s involvement in the arts and entertainment without acknowledging his great love and passion for encouraging and developing the Youths in their love for music.

Mystic Vybz Band | Team

Troy Bartley

Mystic Vybz Band | Team

Leroy John

Meet Leroy John. One of our Fire Keyboardists

Growing up in a family environment of music and with both parents being passionate singers and musicians, it was conducive and made it natural to adopt the hobby of playing musical instrument(s).

Guitar, harmonicas, keyboard, recorder flutes, steel pan and tambourines, were instruments Leroy and his siblings were exposed to. Nevertheless, of all the mentioned instruments that were purchased by their parents along with the steel pan that was made by his Dad, none was more appealing to him like drumming. Growing up, he and his brothers would improvise by knocking on buckets, desktops, pans and pots which was their daily itinerary… It wasn’t until Leroy’s first year of High school that he decided to take keyboard seriously. He embraced the idea that it can sound like every other musical instrument and fits best in any music genre… He has been playing keyboard (piano) ever since….currently, he is proudly one of the Keyboardist for Mystic Vybz Band…

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